I had a great time talking to Ruby Rose for her new action-thriller “Vanquish.”  She’s sweet and tough just like her character Vicky in the movie.  Take a look at my interview with the “Batwoman” actress as she takes us behind the scenes of the film.

“Vanquish” is out in select theaters on April 16th and on-demand the following week.

All writer/director George Gallo wants to do is make a Korean action flick-inspired film in “Vanquish.”  The guy who wrote the fantastic “Midnight Run” and created the DNA for “Bad Boys” gathers his friends including Morgan Freeman and creates a film that is sort of like a revenge film with a film noir twist.  Shot during the pandemic, Gallo talks about working with Ruby Rose, Morgan Freeman, and the challenges of making the film.

Juju Journey Brener plays Lily, the daughter of Ruby Rose’s character in the new action thriller “Vanquish.”  Take a look at my interview with the child actress about shooting in Mississippi, and what she learned from Ruby Rose and Morgan Freeman.