You may know Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” series but get ready to see him play a long-suffering father of a shooting victim in the fantastic “Mass” from writer/director Fran Kranz.  Isaacs stars as the husband of Martha Plimpton’s Gail and the film is about a meeting between the parents of the victim and the perpetrator’s mother and father played by Ann Dowd and Reed Britney respectively.

I sat down with Isaacs (too bad Plimpton could not join us, she was shooting a movie) to talk about the movie, his character, the themes, and working with Kranz.

“Mass” opens in New York and LA theaters Oct. 8 and in Palm Springs Oct. 29 (find theaters here).

I can just sit and listen to both Ann Dowd and Reed Birney talk about “Mass” forever!  They’re so eloquent and sweet in describing the work by writer/director Fran Kranz.  Take a look and visually imagine what they are saying.  They’re magical!