Judd Apatow Explains “The Bubble” Along with Samson Kayo and Harry Trevaldwyn

I totally enjoyed the very meta “The Bubble.”  It’s a film within a film about shooting during the pandemic while being shot during the pandemic.  “The Bubble” is a smart comedy from director Judd Apatow.  He wrote his one too along with Pam Brady.  The plot has a group of actors and actresses stuck inside a pandemic bubble at a hotel in England while attempting to complete a dinosaur sci-fi film called “Cliff Beasts 6.”

I spoke with Apatow together with his funny stars, Samson Kayo (he plays the actor handler named Bola) and Harry Trevaldwyn as the health officer named Gunther.

“The Bubble” arrives on Netflix April Fools’ Day.

“The Bubble” Interview with Leslie Mann, Karen Gillan, and Maria Bakalova

I had a fabulous time talking to the lovely ladies of “The Bubble.”  The plot has a group of actors traveling to a closed film set (known as the bubble) in England to film “Cliff Beasts 6.”  Leslie Mann and Karen Gillan play actresses while Maria Bakalova stars as Anika the front desk clerk at the hotel where the cast and crew are staying.

Mann revealed that they only had a month to make the film which made her hubby, Judd Apatow, lose his mind, sort of.  I also spoke with her about the TikTok viral video we had with Dakota Johnson during “How to Be Single” interviews where they were both surprised about my age.  My very youthful looks!  HA!

Take a look at our fun interview below.