David Harbour is currently starring as the ghost Ernest in the new Netflix supernatural family adventure “We Have a Ghost” from writer/director Christopher Landon.  I sat down with the “Stranger Things” star to talk about the super-funny and heartfelt comedy.  And he revealed he was visited by a ghost!  Gasp!

“We Have a Ghost” is available to stream on Netflix on February 24.

Anthony Mackie and Jahi D’Allo Winston star as father and son Frank and Kevin respectively in the new supernatural family adventure “We Have a Ghost” from Netflix.  Kevin becomes the unlikely friend of Ernest the Ghost played by David Harbour.  I sat down with Mackie and Winston to talk about the film, and if they believe in the paranormal.

Writer/director Christopher Landon creates a satisfying supernatural family adventure in “We Have a Ghost.” It’s like a great 80s film that’s very much in the now!  Why did he want to follow “Freaky” with “We Have a Ghost?”  Why did he choose David Harbour to play Ernest the Ghost?  Take a look at my interview with the filmmaker.