I love, love, love “Nimona.”  It’s a forward-thinking character driven piece that is also highly entertaining.  And in the middle is Chloë Grace Moretz effectively voicing our heroine Nimona.  I spent some time with the actress and reminded her that we haven’t talked since 2011’s “Hugo” to which she replied she had the same length of hair.

Based on ND Stevenson’s beloved graphic novel, “Nimona” from directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane speaks volumes on morality – what is good and what is bad.  And it just might be a shapeshifting teenager with an attitude named Nimona who can save the day.

“Nimona” begins streaming on Netflix on June 30.

Oscar-winner Riz Ahmed voices the role of Ballister Boldheart in Netflix’s “Nimona.”  He was a former knight who fell from grace and is looking for redemption.  Enter Nimona.

I spoke with Ahmed about his interest in the project, its LGBTQ theme, and what he hopes for viewers to get after watching “Nimona.”

I love the fierce Eugene Lee Yang and his honorable character of Ambrosius Goldenloin.  Yes, his character is gay but it doesn’t define him and that’s what I love about it.  Take a look at my interview with the actor as he takes us inside the making of “Nimona.”

I had a great time talking to Nick Bruno and Troy Quane about their instant classic “Nimona” for Netflix.  I loved the film so it was fun talking to the folks behind the subversively fun adventure.  Take a look at my interview with the directors about “Nimona’s” long road to Netflix, what got them interested, how they paid homage to ND Stevenson’s graphic novel, and what they hope for viewers to get after watching the film.