“Love is Blind” returns for its fifth season on Netflix with a whole new cast namely (the women): Aaliyah the nurse, Estefania the teacher/dancer, flight attendant Shondra, HR Specialist Maris, Paige the stylist, Renee the veterinarian, the spitfire geologist Lydia, marketing manager Erica, Miriam the scientist, director of operations Stacy, Johnnie the lawyer, Linda the talent acquisition recruiter, Mayra the minister, and Taylor the kindergarten teacher.

In the men we have:  Robert the special ed teacher, Izzy from sales, project manager Chris, software salesguy Efrain, supply chain manager Ernesto, geoscientist Connor, financial advisor Enoch, university director Jarred, firefighter Jared, sales rep Josh, construction dude Carter, personal trainer Justice, Milton the petroleum engineer, and Uche the lawyer/entrepreneur.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey return to guide these eligible men and women into the pods to reveal their authentic selves and perhaps find a lifelong partner.

I spent some time with Chris and Milton to talk about season 5 of “Love is Blind.”

“Love is Blind” season 5 is now out on Netflix.

Season 5 of Netflix’s “Love is Blind” has more drama than ever!  As both Taylor and Aaliyah can attest, this season has a lot of surprises.  I spent some time with the two ladies to talk about their experience being in “Love is Blind” season 5.