After 23 long years, we finally get the sequel to “Chicken Run.”  Called “Dawn of the Nugget,” Zachary Levi now voices Rocky (previously voiced by Mel Gibson) who is now married to Ginger (Thandiwe Newton) and must take care of their daughter Molly (Bella Ramsey).  But a new danger is in the horizon, the industrial kind.

I spent some time with Levi to talk about his interest in the film, the family dynamics of Rocky, Ginger and Molly, and what he hopes viewers get after watching the sequel from the beloved Aardman Animations.

“Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget” arrives on Netflix December 15th.

The last time I spoke with director Sam Fell was for his last film 2012’s “ParaNorman.”  Since then, the filmmaker has been busy making the sequel for “Chicken Run.”  So what got him interested in doing so?  And how did he coral his flock of animators?  Take a look at his answers plus why he chose Zachary Levi, Thandiwe Newton, and Bella Ramsey as his main cast.