It was such an honor to talk to the multi-hyphenate Stephen Fry – actor, broadcaster, comedian, director, narrator, and author.  Currently, he’s starring in Julia Von Heinz’s “Treasure,” a feel-good film told on a tragic canvas of the holocaust.

Fry strikes an affecting chemistry with co-star Lena Dunham who plays his daughter Ruthie.  Together, the father-daughter team embark on a road trip through Poland on a journey that will find them treasures from within themselves.

You will laugh, cry, and think.

Take a look at my interview with Fry and Von Heinz as they talk about the making of the film.

“Treasure” is out in theaters on June 14th.

Love, love, love Lena Dunham!  And from the looks of it, it’s mutual admiration and I’m so, so happy!  I first spoke with Dunham for her film “Catherine Called Birdy” starring Bella Ramsey (“The Last of Us”).  And now, she’s back, as an actress this time, in Julia Von Heinz’s “Treasure.”

Dunham stars as the daughter of Stephen Fry’s character.  She is an American journalist who travels with his father back to his homeland in Poland.  He’s a holocaust survivor and therein lies the crux of the film.

Yes, the film is about holocaust but there’s enough levity in it that it will make you laugh as well as cry out loud.

Watch “Treasure” in theaters.

Take a look at my interview with Dunham as she takes you behind-the-scenes.  Also, she calls me an icon.  I’m still pinching myself.