I love DANDELION.  A film that speaks volumes about creative journeys.  Kiki Layne stars in the title role as Dandelion, a singer-songwriter whose creativity receives some much-needed jolt after meeting Thomas Doherty’s Casey in a gig in South Dakota.

From director Nicole Riegel, DANDELION is a feast for music lovers and songwriters.

Take a look at my interview with both Layne and Doherty as they take you behind-the-scenes of the making of DANDELION.

DANDELION from IFC Films is set to be released in theaters on July 12th.

Fresh from the success of 2020’s HOLLER, Nicole Riegel returns with the heartfelt and passionate film DANDELION about the creative journey in creating art.  I love the film and have a great time talking to Riegel as she explains her interest in writing and directing the film, her main leads, and I even joked that the film was made for songwriters that Taylor Swift would love the film.  Riegel hoped Swift would watch the film.

Are you listening Taylor Swift?

Check out DANDELION as it premieres in theaters on July 12th.