Let me begin by saying NATIONAL ANTHEM is an affecting queer love story that bravely goes beyond the rainbow.  The premise has Charlie Plummer as Dylan, a young New Mexico construction worker who finds love and sexual awakening when he joins a community of queer ranchers and rodeo performers.  Eve Lindley is Sky, one of the performers who helped Dylan come of age.

Watch the honest and very grown-up NATIONAL ANTHEM when it opens in theaters on July 12th.

I spent some time with both Lindley and Plummer to talk about their characters, their interest in making the film, and what they hoped for viewers to get after watching NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Luke Gilford based his directorial debut on his picture book National Anthem: America’s Queer Rodeo and the result is a heartfelt, honest, and smart film simply titled NATIONAL ANTHEM.

Mason Alexander Park stars as Carrie in the film, one of the rodeo performers who bonded with Charlie Plummer’s Dylan.

Take a look at my interview with both Gildord and Park as they take you behind-the-scenes of the film, and learn its Palm Springs connection.