My how time flies!  I didn’t think I would last this long when we moved in the Coachella Valley on December of 2003.  I was hired by KMIR, then owned by Journal Broadcast Group, to head its Marketing Department.  But when I went to MIX 100.5 to partner with them for the event of the year – the series finale of “Friends,” we got to talking about movies and my eyes opened wide and my mouth did not stop spewing about my love for cinema!  Hence, not only did the powers-that-be at MIX 100.5 decided to work with KMIR for our “Friends” event, they also offered me their film critic slot for the morning show with Michael Storm.  When I went back to KMIR, both our News Director and General Manager said if I am heard on the radio, then I should be seen on TV too.  So on April 30, 2004, I aired my first review ever and it’s for the Jack Black comedy “Envy.”  After that, a star was born HA!

Even with my added responsibility as a movie reviewer, I still thought it would be easy.  I’d watch a movie and then review it for air.  How could that be hard right?  But alas, as I continued honing my skills, studio doors opened and then I got invited to junkets and premieres.  And soon, I became a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and started voting for our annual Critics’ Choice Awards.  Then another opportunity opened up – to be the film critic of The Filipino Channel (ABS-CBN).  This Filipino-American was honored, thrilled, and happy that my mother who lived in Missouri could finally watch me on TV with her Filipino Channel subscription.

Looking back on my 20 years on NBC Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, it feels like a generation ago.  I never thought I would last this long in the desert.  Our plans, my husband and I, were to stay here for a couple of years and move to another city for work.  But we both fell in love with the Coachella Valley and decided to stay here and call our beautiful desert home.

I am very thankful that I continue to perform a job that I love.  Who knew that a guy like me, born thousands of miles away in the Philippines, would someday talk to Hollywood A-listers?  Some of the stars I idolized when I was a kid!  I pinch myself all the time, and say my thank you prayers.

Thank you NBC Palm Springs, thank you Coachella Valley!  Thank you for opening your hearts to me.