Viraj Juneja (DJ Beatroot), Lewis Gribben (Duncan), and Samuel Bottomley (Ian) are as much fun in interviews as well as their performances in “Get Duked!”  The three actors participated in the press junket for the film and we talked about their characters and working in the movie.  Check out my interview with the Boys in the Wood (the film’s original title) and then stream “Get Duked!” on Amazon Prime right now!  It’s one of my favorite films this year!

“Get Duked!” is funny, irreverent, and hip but it’s also an affecting coming-of-age story.  I spoke with writer/director Ninian Doff who is making his first full-feature film with “Get Duked!”  So what interested him in making the project and how did he pick the actors who played his boyz in the wood?  Check out my interview with Mister Ninian Doff.