I love THE BOYS IN THE BAND and its director, Joe Mantello, who also staged the 2018 Broadway revival.  So when Ryan Murphy approached him to stage the revival and then direct the film version, what did he think?  Find out his answers plus, he also reveals secrets behind the film’s hush-hush moments such as why did Alan visit Michael, and what was on the card that was given to Harold?  And the contribution of the original playwright, Mart Crowley, to the production.  Take a look and then watch THE BOYS IN THE BAND on Netflix on September 30th.

I love Zachary Quinto!  And in the film, he is Harold, the birthday boy and the so-called “32 year-old, ugly, pock marked Jew fairy.”  Charlie Carver is the Cowboy, the sweet sex worker who becomes Harold’s date.

Jim Parsons is the host of the party in the upcoming THE BOYS IN THE BAND.  He plays the big spender Michael who may be a reluctant Catholic.  There’s also Brian Hutchison as his friend from college, Alan, who is the so-called “straight” guest but is he really?  And then there’s Michael Benjamin Washington as Bernard, the butt of the Uncle Tom jokes by Emory (played by Robin De Jesus).

I had a great time talking to the cast of THE BOYS IN THE BAND including these fantastic gentlemen!  We have Matt Bomer as Donald, the house cleaner who needs a therapist; Tuc Watkins is Hank, the newly out of the closet boyfriend of Larry (Andrew Rannells), and my favorite, Robin de Jesus as the fun and fierce Emory!  What does THE BOYS IN THE BAND mean to them and who do they identify with the most?