After a brilliant dramatic turn in “Uncut Gems,” Adam Sandler returns to the world of comedy for “Hubie Halloween” where he plays the title role of Hubie, the town’s laughing stock who saves Halloween!  Oscar-nominee June Squibb (“Nebraska”) is his mom, Mrs. Dubois.  I sat down with Miss June to talk about her interest in the role, the anti-bullying statement of the film, and where was it shot?

It was fun talking to Julie Bowen about her role as Violet Valentine, the heart of “Hubie Halloween.”  And I wished my eyesight was better because I didn’t notice the Squad Goals throw pillow she had on the back featuring the strong women of the Supreme Court including the great RBG.  Take a look at my interview with Bowen where she talks about working with Adam Sandler again (they worked previously on “Happy Gilmore,”) the anti-bullying sentiment of the film, and what she’s going to do this Halloween.