Garrett Bradley created a thought-provoking documentary about how incarceration is a form of slavery.  Initially designed as a short film, Bradley decided to make a full-feature film after getting home videos from one of her subjects, Fox Richardson.  She went on to win Best Documentary Directing Award from this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

I spoke with the director about the genesis of the film, what she thinks of Fox and Rob, and what she hoped for viewers to think after watching “Time.”

“Time” will be available to stream on Amazon this Friday, October 16th.

I love Fox and Rob.  Yes, they robbed a bank, and yes, they paid for their crime, heavily, and that’s the subject of the new documentary “Time” from Garrett Bradley.  Their very personal story is told as a cautionary tale but also an indictment on our justice system.  Take a look at my interview with the couple about their heartfelt story, and why you must see “Time.”