Rachel Brosnahan is fantastic as Jean in the new Amazon Original “I’m Your Woman.”  Her Jean is forced to go on the run after her husband betrays his business partner.  One of the people helping Jean is the mysterious Teri wonderfully played by Marsha Stephanie Blake.  I spoke with the actresses about the film, their interest in making it, and the dynamics between Jean and Teri.

“I’m Your Woman” will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime beginning Dec. 11th.

Writer/director Julia Hart, fresh from her adventures with “Stargirl” from Disney, embarks on the dark crime-drama “I’m Your Woman” starring Rachel Brosnahan in the lead.  I spoke with the director about her interest in the project, working with Brosnahan, and what she hopes for viewers to get after watching “I’m Your Woman.”

Arinzé Kene plays the role of Cal in “I’m Your Woman.”  He’s a man of few words in the film as a gangster and becomes Rachel Brosnahan’s Jean’s protector.  In real life, Kene is far from few words, he talks about his interest in the role and working with Rachel Brosnahan.