“Finding ‘Ohana” is a fun adventure movie that has family at its heart.  Our heroine is Kea Peanu as Pili, a curious geocacher from New York who is forced to move to Hawaii.  But the mythical Peruvian treasure beckons so Pili must enlist the help of her friend, Casper, played by Owen Vaccaro.

I spoke with the child actors to talk about the making of the movie and what they hope for viewers to get after watching “Finding ‘Ohana.”

“Finding ‘Ohana” streams on Netflix on January 29th.

Alex Aiono plays E, the brother of our heroine Pili (Kea Peahu) in the new Netflix film “Finding ‘Ohana.”  Set in Hawaii, Lindsay Watson as Hana becomes our tour guide in understanding Hawaiian culture.  Take a look at my interview with both Aiono and Watson as they talk about their characters and loving Hawaii.