I love, love, love these two actors as much as I enjoyed watching Netflix’s “Yes Day!” Jennifer Garner is Allison Torres, the Mom, and Edgar Ramirez is Carlos Torres, the Dad. She’s the No Mom and he’s the Yes Dad.

I enjoyed the film so much I even dressed up for this interview which gave the cast a chuckle! Take a look at our interview as they talk about their interest in the film, why Garner believes in yes days, and what would they do if given their own yes days.

“Yes Day” starts streaming on Netflix March 12.

I’ve been a fan of Miguel Arteta since his first feature film 1997’s “Star Maps.” And since then, Arteta has mixed both his independent filmmaking sensibilities with big Hollywood films like “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” He met Jennifer Garner on that film, and when the actress signed on to star and produce “Yes Day,” she thought of Arteta.

Take a look at my interview with the director as he takes us behind the scenes of Netflix’s “Yes Day.”

I was so happy to interview Coachella Valley resident Jenna Ortega about the new Netflix film. She plays Katie Torres, the eldest daughter of Allison (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos (Edgar Ramirez). I sat down with Jenna to talk about the movie, her favorite ice cream shop in La Quinta, and we even sang!

I love these two child actors! Both smart and charming and know how to explain a movie! Better than me! Julian Lerner is Nando in the Netflix family comedy and Everly Carnagilla is Ellie. Both are kids of Allison (Jennifer Garner) and Carlos (Edgar Ramirez) and are given a day full of the affirmative YES!

I spent some time with the child actors to talk about working on the movie.