I had such a great time talking to writer/director Ben Falcone and cast for the new Netflix superhero movie “Thunder Force.”  Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer star as estranged friends who become superheroes in this action-comedy.  And I laughed out loud!

Here’s the official synopsis of “Thunder Force”:

”Two childhood best friends reunite as an unlikely crime-fighting superhero duo when one invents a formula that gives ordinary people superpowers.”

I spoke with the actresses about their interest in the film, its message of hope for our day-to-day real-life superheroes, and putting on their costumes!

“Thunder Force” flies into Netflix on April 9.

Writer/director Ben Falcone talks about the genesis of the film, the Chicago setting, and the music he used in “Thunder Force.”

A good superhero movie is as good as its villain and Bobby Cannavale certainly fits that to a T as the big bad The King.  We spoke about his friendship with writer/director Ben Falcone and wife Melissa McCarthy, his character, and the film’s moral story.

Taylor Mosby stars as Octavia Spencer’s genius of a daughter named Tracy.  Take a look at my interview with the young actress about the film, and working with Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer.