Philip Winchester is the uptight patriarch Jack in “Endangered Species.”  Here’s the full official synopsis:

“Starring Rebecca Romijn (X-Men) and Jerry O’Connell (Showtime’s “Billions”) this gripping adventure tale unfolds beneath a brutal African sun. Jack Halsey takes his wife (Romijn), their adult kids, and a friend for a dream vacation in Kenya. But as they venture off alone into a wilderness park, their safari van is flipped over by an angry rhino, leaving them injured and desperate. Then, as two of them go in search of rescue, a bloody, vicious encounter with a leopard and a clan of hyenas incites a desperate fight for survival.”

I spoke with the actor about the making of the film and the possible three-quel to complete director M.J. Bassett’s trilogy on wildlife preservation that began with “Rogue” and now “Endangered Species.”  “Endangered Species” is out in select theatres May 28.

Michael Johnston stars as Noah, the gay son of Jack (Philip Winchester) and Lauren (Rebecca Romijn), in the new action thriller “Endangered Species” from writer/director M.J. Bassett.  I spoke with the actor to talk about his interest in making the movie, and its environmentally-conscious theme.

I adore writer/director M.J. Bassett.  She’s articulate, her passion is wildlife conservation, and she just wants to blow things up.  The filmmaker came out as trans in 2016 and works with her family members in movies such as with daughter Isabella, who starred in and co-wrote “Endangered Species.”

I caught up with the filmmaker to talk about the making of “Endangered Species,” the wildlife conservation theme, and what we can learn from watching the film.