I had a great time watching the series and talking to the cast and creators.  First stop, Miss Chicago Party Aunt herself, Lauren Ash, and the voice of her nephew Daniel, Rory O’Malley.  I spoke with the cast about their interest in voicing their characters.  They take us behind-the-scenes of the super-funny and raunchy but with a great big heart series CHICAGO PARTY AUNT.

CHICAGO PARTY AUNT is available to stream on Netflix September 17, 2021.

Inspired by Chris Witsake’s Twitter account, CHICAGO PARTY AUNT is now a super-funny Netflix animated adventure starring Lauren Ash as our Chicago party aunt and her nephew Daniel voiced by Rory O’Malley.  The raunchy but sweet series is created by Witsake (he also voices the role of Kurt) and Katie Rich who lends her voice to the role of Zuzana.

I spoke with both Witsake and Rich about the show, take a look.

Ike Barinholtz serves as the producer and Jon Barinholtz is one of the creators of the super funny and raunchy but sweet “Chicago Party Aunt.”  Ike also voices the role of Mark and Jon is the voice of Mikey.  I spoke with the Barinholtz brothers to talk about the show, their inspiration, and what makes Chicago great.

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