Margaret Qualley is fantastic in the titular role in the new Netflix series “Maid” from show creator Molly Smith Metzler (“Shameless”).  This ten-episode series has Qualley as Alex, a single mother who turns to housekeeping to keep her baby and her life afloat.  This one’s based on Stephanie Land’s memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive.

I sat down with Qualley to talk about her interest in making the film, breathing life to her character, and working with her real-life mom Andie MacDowell who plays her unreliable mother in the series.

“Maid” arrives on Netflix October 1st.

I’ve loved Andie MacDowell since the 80s!  And you’ll love her performance in the new Netflix series “Maid” where she plays the mom of Alex played by her real-life daughter Margaret Qualley.  I sat down with Macowell to talk about her character, how her schizophrenic mom gave her the inspiration to play Paula in the series, and working with her daughter.

The first time I saw Nick Robinson in “Maid,” I was like, is that Simon from “Love, Simon?”  The sweet Simon is now a brutal emotional abuser in the heartfelt “Maid” and he’s fantastic!  When I caught up with the actor, we talked about his interest in the role and finding the heart of his character.

I had a great time talking to Anika Noni Rose for “Maid.”  She stars as the ultra-rich and super-successful Regina who becomes one of Alex’s (Margaret Qualley) housekeeping clients.  I spent some time with Miss Rose to talk about her interest in the series, her character, her character’s dynamics with Alex, and why “Maid” is an homage to the working poor.