“Night Teeth” from writer Brent Dillon and director Adam Randall is an entertaining vampire thriller with a gangster twist.  Lucy Fry is Zoe and Debby Ryan is Blaire, two friends who hired Benny (Jorge Lendeborg Jr.), a freelance chauffeur, to drive them to several popular LA nightclubs.  But soon, Benny discovers that the friends are centuries-old vampires with other plans.

I spoke to both Lucy Fry and Debby Ryan about their characters and the visual style of director Adam Randall.

“Night Teeth” streams on Netflix on October 20.

Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is the unsuspecting chauffeur and Raúl Castillo is his half-brother in the vampire gangster flick “Night Teeth.”  I spoke with the actors to talk about their roles, the film’s themes, and the dynamics of their characters.