Lin-Manuel Miranda creates his ode to struggling artists in the new Netflix film “tick..tick..BOOM!”  Based on Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical of the same name, the film explores the failures that eventually led to the creation of “Rent.”

I spoke with Miranda about his passion for making “tick…tick…BOOM!,” his creative ally spirit in Jonathan Larson, how “Rent” inspired “In the Heights,” working with Andrew Garfield, and how he prepared to mount the stage to screen adaptation.

“tick…tick…BOOM!” streams on Netflix November 19.

I love Andrew Garfield!  Not only is he a fantastic actor, he’s also sweet and gives great interview answers.  And he embodies Jonathan Larson, passion and all, in “tick..tick..BOOM!”  I spent some time with the actor to talk about his interest in starring in the film, singing on screen for the first time, working with Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the passion of Jonathan Larson.

Vanessa Hudgens and Joshua Henry are the back-up singers ala minstrels.  Hudgens is Karessa and Henry is Roger, Jonathan Larson’s singers who gave his songs the heart.  I spent some time with the actors to talk about Netflix’s “tick..tick..BOOM!”

Alexandra Shipp and Robin de Jesús are the muses of Jonathan Larson (Andrew Garfield).  Shipp is the girlfriend Susan and de Jesús is the best friend Michael.  Each influenced Larson’s work in their own capacity.  I spoke with the actors about their interest in doing the film, working with Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Larson’s passion.