Ben Affleck was in such great mood when I spoke with him and young co-star Daniel Ranieri for Amazon’s “The Tender Bar.”  He stars as Uncle Charlie a Yoda/Dumbledore/Gandalf figure for young J. R. Moehringer played by Ranieri (the older J. R. is played by Tye Sheridan).

From director George Clooney and screenplay by William Monahan based on Moehringer’s memoir of the same name, “The Tender Trap” is honest and absorbing, very much like life!

Take a look at our interview where Affleck talked about his interest in starring in the film, the many themes of the film, and Ranieri talking about what he learned from starring in his first full feature film.

“The Tender Bar” streams on Amazon December 17.

I had a great time meeting Tye Sheridan, at least virtually, for his movie “The Tender Bar.”  He’s sweet and gives the best answers and he’s fantastic in the movie too as our older J. R. Moehringer (Daniel Ranieri is our young J. R.).  Take a look at my interview with the actor as he talks about his interest in starring in the film and the many themes of “The Tender Bar.”

I’ve loved Lily Rabe since I saw her as Nora in “American Horror Story: Murder House.”  She always brings gravitas to any role.  And in her new film, George Clooney’s “The Tender Bar,” she is memorable as a single mother taking care of her son played by Daniel Ranieri.  I caught up with the actress to talk about her interest in the film and its many themes.