Iyanna & Jarrette Still Happy After “Love is Blind?”  See What They Say!

I loved seeing the relationship of Iyanna and Jarrett blossomed in Netflix’s “Love is Blind.”  And I loved it even more that I spoke with them after the reality show complete aired on the streaming service.

So how are they doing now?  Are they still happy?  SPOILER ALERT:  They are!  But watch and fall in love with them again!

After “Love is Blind” – Danielle and Nick Say They Found Happiness

Who knew Danielle and Nick would say “I do” and last long after the Season 2 fully aired on Netflix?  I didn’t.  I don’t think you did too.  But, they are together and still seemingly happy!

I spoke with the couple about the show and what they really think of “Love is Blind.”

The Singles!  Deepti, Natalie, and Salvador Speak Out on “Love is Blind” Season 2

If you have seen season 2 of “Love is Blind” on Netflix, you know that Deepti, Natalie, and Salvador ended up being singles in the reality show.  They all ditched their potential mates at the altar.  Why?

I spoke to them to see what they were thinking.  Is Deepti still in love with Shake?  What about Natalie’s feelings towards Shayne?  Is Salvador still in love with Mallory?

Find out all the answers in our interview below.