Director Drew Stephens is a self-confessed film hobbyist – he makes films as a hobby.  But he’s not doing it just for fun.  He’s also using his “hobby” to teach the world a thing or two on equality and bullying.

His short film “Prinsesa” is currently making its rounds in schools and film circuits as an anti-bullying tool and it’s also available in book form (click here for more info).

Stephens will be coming to Palm Springs on Saturday, September 10th at 6 pm for Marconi Calindas: Life in Color exhibition.  Calindas is the art director of “Prinsesa” and is a successful visual artist from Palm Springs.  The event is free and I will be there to moderate the Q & A following the screening of the short film.  Click here to attend.

I spoke with Stephens about his short films, “Prinsesa,” and how he turned his hobby into a fruitful and worthwhile endeavor.