I spent some time with the guy who started it all, author Soman Chainani.  So does he like the new Netflix adaptation of his book The School for Good and Evil?  And what was his original inspiration in writing the first novel?  Take a look at his answers.

Paul Feig of “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat” fame tackles his first directorial effort of helming a fantasy-adventure film in Netflix’s “The School for Good and Evil.”  I spent some time with the director to talk about his interest in making the film, his favorite part about making a fantasy-adventure movie, and what he hopes for viewers to get after watching the film.

“The School for Good and Evil” is now out on Netflix.

Sofia Wylie is Agatha and Sophia Anne Caruso is Sophie in the new Netflix fantasy-adventure “The School for Good and Evil.”  I spoke with the actors to talk about their characters, and the film’s message.