The “Koos” and the “Pogues” are back for season 3 of Netflix’s popular series “Outer Banks.”  I spoke with Chase Stokes aka John B. Routledge, Jonathan Daviss aka Pope Heyward, and Rudy Pankow aka JJ Maybank about the surprises this season.

“Outer Banks” Season 3 is now out on Netflix.

The anger issues of Rafe aka Drew Starkey and Topper aka Austin North are back for season 3 and more! Take a look at my interview with the actors as they take us behind-the-scenes of the third season.

And I saved the best for last!  The lovely and fierce ladies of “Outer Banks.”  Check out Madelyn Cline aka Sarah, Madison Bailey aka Kiara, and Carlacia Grant aka Cleo talk about what you can expect from the third season of the popular Netflix show.