Jonás Cuarón creates a family adventure film based on Latin America’s folklore about a mythical creature.  It’s very “Amblin-esque” according to him.  So why make a movie about Chupacabras, why make it a family adventure, and really, why call it “Chupa?”  The word has a different connotation in both the Latin and Filipino culture.

Take a look at my interview with Senor Cuarón.  “Chupa” is now out on Netflix.

I had a great time talking to Christian Slater, Demián Bichir, and Evan Whitten about Netflix’s “Chupa.”  It’s a family adventure about a cute Chupacabra featuring Christian Slater as Quinn, the Indiana Jones type of Chupacabra wrangler who knows that the Mexican-American boy Alex (Evan Whitten) and his Lucha Libre abuelo Chava (Demián Bichir) are hiding Chupa!

See the secrets they reveal about making “Chupa.”