Ray Romano makes his directing debut in the funny and heartfelt “Somewhere in Queens” about a father (Romano) who wants a better life for his son Sticks (Jacob Ward).  But it’s also about middle age, marriage, family, and first love.

I sat down with the “Everybody Loves Raymond” actor to talk about his directorial debut, his character in the film, and his brilliant ensemble.

“Somewhere in Queens” arrives in theaters on April 21.

You will fall in love with Sadie Stanley and Jacob Ward in “Somewhere in Queens.”  They play young lovers who must choose between family, love, and dreams.  Sadie is Dani, the girl who wants to change the world, and Jacob is Sticks, the son of Ray Romano’s character who needs love to help him with his basketball scholarship.

Both Sadie and Jacob are so much fun to talk to.  Take a look at our interview.