Alejandra Márquez Abella created a biopic that is not only sweet and funny but inspirational as well.  It’s the true story of Jose Hernandez (wonderfully played by Michael Pena), a farmworker who dreamt of being an astronaut.  This is the story of how he reached for the stars.

I spent some time with Abella to talk about the film, the real life Jose Hernandez, working with Michael Pena, and what she hopes for people to get after watching “A Million Miles Away.”

“A Million Miles Away” is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

It was such an honor to talk to the inspiration behind the film “A Million Miles Away.”  Jose Hernandez was a man of passion and his dream of reaching for the stars is the heart of the new Amazon Prime movie.  Hernandez (played in the film by Michael Pena) grew up as a farm worker but followed his dream of becoming an astronaut.

Take a look at my interview with Hernandez.  Did he like the movie?  What about Pena’s performance?