I’ve always wanted to talk to Meg Ryan but never had the chance.  I was hoping I would be able to in 2015 from her directorial debut “Ithaca” but alas.  So I jumped for joy when I got invited to talk to Ryan and co-star David Duchovny for their romcom “What Happens Later.”  Co-written and directed by Ryan based on the play “Shooting Star” by Steven Dietz, the film follows two exes who reconnect after a snow storm forced them to spend the night at the airport.  It took me a few to get into their characters and situation but once I did, I even shed a tear or two in the end.

In this interview, we talked about Ryan’s interest in directing the film, the dynamics of their characters, and what they hope viewers get after watching the film.

“What Happens Later” from Bleecker Street comes out in theaters on Nov. 3.