Last week, I was invited to the press junket for Netflix’s “Squid Game: The Challenge.”  It was held at the Squid Game: The Trials Experience on the CBS Television lot.  When we interviewed the top 3 finalists, the ultimate winner was not yet revealed and everyone, including Netflix, was adamant to not give away the name.  So all we knew was either Sam, Mai, or Phill was the lucky one.

But I had a ball talking to the cast and the top 3 finalists were very sweet.  We talked about their interest in joining the cast besides the $4.56 M loot, the secret to winning the game, what advice they can give to future contestants, and, spoiler alert – I asked Mai, the eventual winner, what she would do with the money!  And she answered charity, awwwww!  Honestly, I had no idea she was the winner, just happenstance.

Take a look at our fun interview and catch “Squid Game: The Challenge” now streaming on Netflix.

I had a wonderful time meeting the mother and son team of LeAnn and Trey from “Squid Game: The Challenge.”  They were some of the fan favorites although both were eliminated.  But it’s the drama involving both mom and son that endear them to the viewers.  Take a look at our interview.

During lunch, I saw TJ, Bee, and Roland hugged the other contestants.  It was fun to see them still friends after all the backbiting, the cheating, the drama of “Squid Game: The Challenge.”  I spoke to TJ, Bee, and Roland about their experience being part of the show.  Oh, and get this, they say luck is 90% of the game.  The rest is just 10%.  So it’s Lady Luck that you need to befriend if you’re thinking of joining the show.

I don’t know about you but I love Ashley’s vibe!  She’s fierce and to the point.  And Phalisia is just so sweet.  So when I interviewed the two of them, I had a great time.  Both Ashley and Phalisia have no regrets about joining the cast, and they said they would do it all over again!  Yay!