Long Live “The Crown!”  The beloved show about the British monarchs comes to an end with the release of Season 6 Part 2.  And I’m a bit sad that I won’t be able to talk to Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Di anymore.  She’s always been warm, sweet, and is amazing as the People’s Princess.

So what was her earliest memory of Lady Di and what does she think of the Queen’s legacy?

All episodes of “The Crown” season 6 are now available on Netflix.

Khalid Abdalla explains why playing Dodi Fayed in “The Crown” season 6 is very important to him.

Jonathan Pryce was in a playful mood in this interview.  He remembered talking to me for season 5 and he said he is upset for I still didn’t have a picture of him as my background.  I promise on your next project, I’ll have a big picture of you Mister Jonathan!

Take a look at our fun interview that took a bit of a somber turn when Pryce started talking about the death of Princess Di.

It was a joy to talk to Luther Ford, Meg Bellamy, and Ed McVey on playing their famous counterparts in “The Crown” Season 6.  Luther is Harry, Meg is Kate, and Ed is William.  What did they learn about the real-life characters they played?