Andrew Scott, fresh from the success of “All of Us Strangers,” stars in the new Netflix eight-episode limited series “Ripley.”  Based on Patricia Highsmith’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley,” Scott plays the titular role while Dakota Fanning is Marge Sherwood and Johnny Flynn is Dickie Greenleaf.

From Oscar-winning writer Steve Zaillian, “Ripley” stays true to the spirt of Highsmith’s novel and the series mixes mystery, suspense, and humor perfectly.  The black and white cinematography adds allure to the whole affair.  Like a Caravaggio painting (the artist is mentioned in the series), the look of the series invokes light versus dark shadowing just like the talented Mr. Ripley’s character.

Take a look at my interview with the main cast as they talk about their interest in joining the cast, the relationship between Dickie and Ripley, the dynamics between Marge and Ripley, and what do they hope viewers get after watching the series.

“Ripley” is now out on Netflix.