I had a great time talking to the cast of “Sasquatch Sunset” as much as I enjoyed the film which is like a surreal nature documentary.  Spend some time with a family of Sasquatch played by Jesse Eisenberg (the beta sasquatch), Riley Keough (the mama sasquatch), Christophe Zajac-Denek (the cub), and Nathan Zellner (the alpha one also one of the directors).

From the Zellner Brothers (David and Nathan), “Sasquatch Sunset” is one of the most original films I’ve seen in a while.  Such commitment!

“Sasquatch Sunset” is now out in select theaters from Bleecker Street Media.

David and Nathan Zellner created one of the most bizarre, funny, raunchy, feel good, and sweet movie of the year with “Sasquatch Sunset.”  Nathan even starred in the film as one of the Alpha male of the bunch.  Take a look at my interview with the Zellner brothers as they talk about the inception of the film, the cast, and what they hope viewers get after watching the film.