I had a great time talking to Joel and Luke Smallbone as much as I had fun watching their heartfelt film “Unsung Hero.”  After making a name for themselves as members of the Christian pop group for KING + COUNTRY, the duo is setting their sights on Hollywood with “Unsung Hero.”

Luke serves as a producer while Joel co-wrote and co-directed the film with Richard Ramsey and also starred as their dad David.

The film follows the trials and tribulations of the Smallbone family as they migrate from Australia to America.  It also maps the beginning of the career of their sister Rebecca St. James played here by Kirrilee Berger.  Watch for Daisy Betts who played their mom Helen.  She’s the heart of the film and the unsung hero of the title.

I spent some time with Joel and Luke as they talk about their transition from music to movies, what Joel learned about directing, what they hoped for viewers to get after watching the film, and the beating heart of the movie which is its unflinching homage to family and mothers everywhere.

“Unsung Hero” is now out in theaters.