Chris Pine makes his directorial debut in the sun-soaked film noir “Poolman.”  He also co-wrote the script with Ian Gotler and starred in the title role as Darren Barrenman, a Los Angeles poolman who uncovers a conspiracy in the vein of “Chinatown.”

Danny DeVito, Annette Bening, DeWanda Wise, and Jennifer Jason Leigh co-star.

“Poolman” arrives in theaters on May 10.

Being a longtime fan of Jennifer Jason Leigh but haven’t interviewed her made me so giddy when I finally got the chance to talk to her for the new Chris Pine-directed film “Poolman.”  She stars as Pine’s girlfriend in the film.  Alongside her is DeWanda Wise as the mysterious femma fatale.  Take a look at my interview with both actresses for “Poolman.”