“Selling the OC” is back for season 3 and I’m third time’s the charm having interviewed them since the beginning.  And like the show, the cast is as kooky and charming and funny as ever!  Take a look at my interview with:

  • Ali Harper – our Southern gal
  • Kayla Cardona – under pressure this season
  • Brandi Marshall – our family gal
  • Alexandra Rose – one of the many Alexs of the show
  • Jason Oppenheim – the big boss
  • Austin Victoria – the family man

“Selling the OC” season 3 is now out on Netflix.

And here’s my interview with:

  • Alex Hall – explains her rollercoaster romance with Tyler Stanaland who has since quit the Oppenheim Group and the series
  • Polly Brindle – our British lady with full of drama
  • Alexandra Jarvis – She’s leaving!
  • Gio Helou – is he really Oppenheim’s best?
  • Lauren Shortt – one of our good girls