Kathie Lee Gifford is full of love when I talked to her and co-star Craig Ferguson for “Then Came You.”  At the end of the interview, she said, that is a joyful human being!  Awwww.  She even wrote the script for the film and it’s quite sweet and charming!

Take a look at our interview where we talked about Kathie Lee’s interest in writing the film, working with Craig Ferguson, and the cultural differences between America and Scotland.  And of course, all throughout, it’s peppered with Craig Ferguson’s dry wit!  I simply adore him, and love them both!

“Then Came You” is in select theaters nationwide on September 30th and will be available everywhere on-demand and digital on October 2nd.

Here’s a synopsis of “Then Came You” from Vertical Entertainment:

Annabelle, a lonely widow, plans a trip around the world, with her husband’s ashes in tow, to visit the places they loved in the movies. Eventually, she arrives at the Inn in Loch Lomond, run by Howard, a Scotsman (played by Ferguson). In the first stop on her planned journey, the two meet and their life is changed forever with a second chance at love.