At the start of the year, and gosh, it feels like many moons ago, we were talking about Glen Keane’s Oscar-winning collaboration with Kobe Bryant called “Dear Basketball” due to the basketball star’s untimely death.  And now, near the end of 2020, Keane is back with one of my favorite animated films this year, Netflix’s OVER THE MOON!  It’s vibrant, brilliant, and speaks volumes about love!  I sat down with Keane to talk about his interest in making the film and the movie’s many themes.

“Over the Moon” streams on Netflix on Oct. 23rd.  Be sure to watch it!  You’ll fall in love with it too!

Cathy Ang is the sweetest!  She’s as sweet and fierce as her OVER THE MOON character, Fei Fei.  Her parents are both Chinese Filipinos and migrated to America so I told her she has the best of all worlds – hamburger, adobo, and orange chicken!  You’ll fall in love with Cathy Ang and Fei Fei in OVER THE MOON.

I adore Sandra Oh, she seems down-to-earth and totally sweet!  In OVER THE MOON, she plays Mrs. Zhong, the new stepmother-to-be of Fei Fei (Cathy Ang).  Take a look at our interview where she talks about her character, the late, great scriptwriter Audrey Wells to whom the film is dedicated to, and the fantastic soundtrack.

Phillipa Soo voices the fierce Moon Goddess Change’e and Kimiko Glenn is Fei Fei’s aunt who believes in the power of love, Auntie Mei.  I sat down with both Soo and Glenn to talk about the movie, their characters, and why people will fall in love with OVER THE MOON.

Ken Jeong voices the cute but terribly misunderstood lunarian, Gobi, and Margaret Cho is the realist aunt of Fei Fei, Auntie Ling.  She also voices one of the space chickens in the film.  I sat down with both Jeong and Cho to talk about their interest in the movie, their characters, and why people will fall in love with OVER THE MOON.  I did!